Fifty Years

It has been said, “Confidence in the past gives us courage to look forward to the future.” 

On October 2, 1971, Lowell stepped out in great faith and signed on WYFI in Norfolk, Virginia!  Nearly 50 years later, who would have ever imagined the countless lives that have been saved, the many hearts encouraged, and the many people discipled through the Bible teaching.

With that one station, the Lord began a work that is still growing today! Twenty-five years after BBN signed on in Norfolk, Virginia, Lowell’s burden expanded beyond the United States! With this passion, BBN began buying stations throughout many countries in South America to proclaim the gospel in Spanish.

The introduction of the Internet opened the door to broadcast in eight different languages, all because of one man’s burden. Today through a smartphone, even more individuals have the opportunity to “tune in” to the wonderful music and Bible teaching.  Nearly three billion precious souls comprise our potential listening audience!

Many have said “it won’t work” but our confidence in what God has done for the last 50 years gives us great courage to continue on in the days ahead.    

We receive letters, emails, and calls from children, parents, grandparents, and, yes, even great grandparents saying that BBN is being used to change multiple generations. Over these 50 years, we can honestly say we could not have done it without the Lord’s guiding hand and the faithful prayers of our listeners! Does BBN work?  We continue to say a resounding “YES!” No matter how many years you have been listening and supporting this ministry, we trust you will continue to stand with us for 50 years to come!

Carl Redemann, Executive Director

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